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    It’s taken me forever to do this because I HATE stuff like this.  There that is one thing about me you probably didn’t know…I hate forwards and chain letters and anything that asks you to tell things about yourself.  Maybe it’s dumb of me but it drives me crazy to have to sit and think about what I want to say.  Second by now most everyone who knows me knows I am married to a computer genius but what you may not know is that I  am a plague to computers.  I just approach one and boom it’s down and out.  Fortunatly for me I do have Matt to fix my problems and save the computers.   Do to this problem that I have I do very little on the computer and if it were not for Matt, I would do nothing at all.  Third  I have a confession I don’t hate snow.  I used to but not so much anymore… shhh don’t tell my family.  Ok that’s about all I can manage to put myself through and I only did this much for you KIndra…love ya.  If I was to tag someone it would be Deanna and Lacey.  Good luck girls.

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