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    Last year Hacky and I started a little family tradition of celebrating Chinese New Year.  We really don’t have any Chinese influence other than Matt’s dad serving his mission in Taiwan.  We don’t do any thing major mostly it’s an excuse to spend way too much money on take-out.  Last year we bought a paper dragon and hung it up this year I couldn’t find it so we did with out.  We wear red all day and I try to teach him traditions like the whole money thing and we make a craft.  Hacky really seems to enjoy the day.  So this year I’m going to try and learn about other holidays and make each one a little special.  I think I can do Cinco de Mayo but I’m not sure what else to do.  Any suggestions would be nice.  I just want to my kids to know and appreciate other cultures.  Maybe it’s silly or a little dorky but I think it will be fun when they grow up and ask me what I was thinking.  Or maybe they’ll understand that it was important to me especially when they realize how international their family is.  (Matt has family from Brazil, S. Africa, and the D.R.)

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