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    Once again Kindra “tagged” me and once again I’m a sucker and went along with the game. Me in a word…I tag Deanna, Susan and Lacy.

    1. Where is your phone? desk
    2. Where is your significant other? bed
    3.Your hair color? blondish
    4. Your Mother? absent
    5. Your Father?selfless
    6. Your favorite thing? family
    7. Your dream last night? forgotten
    8. Your dream/goal? organized
    9. The room you’re in? office
    10. Your hobby? crafting
    11. Your fear? abandonment
    12. Where do you want to be in 6 years?home
    13. Where were you last night? out
    14. What you’re not? sure
    15. One of your wish-list items? carpet
    16. Love Someone? tons
    17. The last thing you ate? chip
    18. What are you wearing? thermals
    19. Your TV? Noggin
    20. Your pet? Baga
    21. Your computer? mac
    22. Your mood? exhausted
    23. Missing someone? yes
    24. Your car? dirty
    25. Something you’re not wearing? hat
    26. Favorite store? Provocraft
    27. Your Summer? Hot
    28. Where did you grow up? New Jersey
    29. Your favorite color? pink
    30. When was the last time you laughed? today
    31. Last time you cried? yesterday
    32. Something you crave? happiness
    33. Why you blog? hubby

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