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    So for Hacky’s preschool we went on a field trip to the new fire station here in Orem.  They had a big open house with lots to do.  The kids loved it but were very funny to watch.  Hacky refused to take a picture with his class standing in front of an ambulance but jumped at the chance to have his pic with a six foot tall dog named “Sparky”  I don’t think I’ll ever understand this kid.  Zoe was pretty nervous about the huge fire they set and the “smoke house” where they set off a fire alarm, but other than that she did really well.  I think the highlight of the whole day was the cotton candy at the end, it was all the kids could talk about.  It’s a shame firestations don’t hold events like this more often, I was able to show the kids some really good thing that they will remember, like how the fire men use teamwork to keep eachother safe and how just as we hold hands while crossing the street they hold on to eachother as they fight fires.  It was very interesting to see how hot and quick fire really is which allowed a lesson in not playing with it, Zoe might be a little young for that lesson but they say to start early.  Anyway it made for a great day full of fun and lots to talk about the rest of the evening.